What We Offer

It's our mission to take computing to the next level.
Retina Imaging. Enhance Capability.

Compact, High FOV Augmented Reality

Our special optics give us the most compact, widest field of view, lightweight and capable AR solution.

Software Consulting

We help Fortune 500 companies build cutting edge software to save time, resources and improve customer engagement..

Research & Development

We love this industry and are focused on being life-long learners.

High Quality Virtual Reality

Our portable VR headset has the highest image quality on the market.

Case Studies

We know AR and VR are relatively new to most people. We work with companies to find the right solutions and right impact.

Computer Vision

Computer vision can speed up everyday processes by making them hands-free, automated and more precise. Find out how we can help your business today.


Training • Instruction • Remote Assitance • Performance Analysis • Failure Prevention • Hands-Free Look-Up • Improve Sanitation • Better Life

There are many applications in which a hands-free solution can save time, money and improve the safety and efficiency of businesses. The industries where we've found the greatest impact are below. Want to know how we can help your company? Contact us at hello@lumenora.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we started working in AR and VR almost 15 years ago, we're pretty used to questions. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions... but feel free to ask us more below.

What is Lumenora?

Lumenora is a company creating hardware platforms for augmented and virtual reality. We want to bring you the best of the best to make AR and VR truly make life a little easier, and the people who wear our headset, a little more capable. We want to enhance human potential through our hardware.

How do I get started with a case-study?

Email us at hello@lumenora.com and we can let you know when we'll be ready to get started.

How much do Lumenora headsets cost?

While we can't officially say, we've estimated our first headsets to cost around $997/ headset.

What quality can I expect?

The best of the best. We do not want to make a compromise.

How are Lumenora headsets different?

Lumenora's unique design makes it possible to do more in a small form factor while weighing less and an increased battery life. We've been in this business for a while and know what customers are waiting for!

What does Lumenora mean?

Lumenora means the, 'light of prayer'. We believe that augmented and virtual reality can be used to solve many of humanity's problems, and that our headsets can be used to improve life as we know it. We want to build tools that Enhance Your Capability (TM).

Fun Facts

We're excited about the potential of augmented and virtual reaity. Are you ready?

1 AR Start-Ups Ready For Our Headset
1 Improved Safety and Wearabilty with Our Device
1 Large Companies Who Have Told Us We Can Help
1 Percent Time Saved Looking Up Parts

We'd love to hear from you, answer any questions you have, dream, build or create together so please be in touch: hi@lumenora.com.